Seafood Xchange: Global B2B Seafood eMarketplace

How can I contact the seller?

For queries related to products / sellers, you may reach SFX customer service team at +65 6547 8984 or

What are the delivery time slots available?

When you create a new order, you may indicate your preferred delivery timing; 6am to 9am or 9am to 12pm. If you would like to request for a delivery timing that do not fall under the range, simply leave a note to inform the seller after you have created the order. To leave a note, go to "Manage Order", "Details", "Edit Note" in the order form.  Once the seller receives your order, he / she will then review the requested time and respond to you through the order form. You will receive an email notification when seller sends you confirmation on the order.

How long does it take for the order to reach me?

Typically it will take 24 to 48 hours, depending on what time you place the order. You may indicate your preferred delivery date and time at the order creation page and the seller will review the requested time and respond to you through the order form. 

What's the minimum order for free delivery?

The minimum order for free delivery is dependent on individual sellers. Once you have created the order, the seller will update the order form on the delivery costs.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery cost ranges from $10 - $20, depending on the seller's logistics arrangement. However, some sellers do offer free delivery for order beyond a certain amount. Once you have created a new order, the seller will review the items ordered and indicate the applicable delivery costs in the order form. You may then choose to accept or reject the offer from seller.